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Inaugurated in 1975, the Organized Port of Aratu-Candeias fulfills the role of inducing the industrial development process in Bahia, enabling the two main poles of the sector existing in the State: the Centro Industrial de Aratu (CIA) and the Industrial Pole of Camaçari. Four decades later, the port, Salvador's “discontinued extension”, is one of the most important outlets for chemical and petrochemical production in the entire country.

Its area of influence extends to Sergipe, Alagoas, west of Pernambuco and east of Minas Gerais, operating with four terminals for the handling of solid bulk, liquid and gaseous products. This structure allows the Port of Aratu-Candeias to operate with a wide variety of products, simultaneously moving ores and chemicals. Among the main products handled are iron ores, manganese and copper, urea, fertilizers, naphtha, propene, copper concentrate.

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The history of Brazilian ports begins at the beginning of Colony, where the Portuguese, in 1549, founded the Capital of their domains in America. Salvador was born, then, as a consequence of the excellent port conditions of the Bay of Todos os Santos, becoming for two centuries, the main destination of vessels that crossed the Atlantic on the commercial route between the New and the Old World.

A set of wharves and small anchorages at different points formed the port structure of the capital of Bahia until, on May 13, 1913, the then governor José Joaquim Seabra inaugurated the organized port, from the grounding of an extensive strip of the Comércio neighborhood . The Port of Salvador, recognized at the time as one of the major infrastructure works in the country.

Today, the Port of Salvador plays a decisive role for the Bahian economy, standing out in the handling of containers, general cargo, wheat, cellulose and fruit, benefited, among other factors, by its strategic position in relation to the European Continent and Mercosur. Its area of ​​influence includes, in addition to Bahia, the north of Minas Gerais, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará. It is also one of the main destinations on the cruise lines of the Brazilian coast.

In recent years, the Port of Salvador has received substantial investments in its infrastructure, such as Via Expressa, which connects it to BR-324, the dredging of its access channel, the construction of the new passenger maritime terminal and the modernization, purchase of new equipment for the Container Terminal and modernization of the wheat reception structure.

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Like the characters of Jorge Amado, Porto Organizado de Ilhéus has its history linked to the cocoa cycle. Still in the 19th century, the need to make the flow of production in the region more efficient resulted in the construction of the anchorage at the mouth of the Cachoeira River.

On May 17, 1920, in a partnership between the Municipality and the private initiative, works were carried out that transformed the old anchorage into the first port of Ilhéus. Fifty-one years later, with the silting up of Cachoeira, the new port was opened in Ponta do Malhado, the first offshore built in Brazil. In 1977, with the creation of Companhia das Docas da Bahia, the port was incorporated into the company's management.

In the last decades, with the decline of the cocoa culture, the Port of Ilhéus has gained a new profile, seeking to expand its area of ​​influence, attracting diverse cargo and from various regions of Bahia and other States.

Today, in addition to cocoa, its cargo handling agenda includes soybeans, corn, almonds, magnesium oxide, nickel concentrate, industrialized parts and general cargo. It also acts as a tour operator, obtaining a significant growth in this activity in recent years.

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