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The Port of Itaqui is located in São Luís, Maranhão state, in the bay of San Marcos and 11 km from the city center. The Itaqui has a strategic position in the Northeast, located close to the markets of Europe, North America and the Panama Canal.

Historical Facts

In 1939 began the technical studies by the National Department of Ports, Rivers and Canais- DNPRC for the construction of the Port of Itaqui. Work began in 1966 with the construction of the berth 102 and continued until 1972. In 1976 was completed the sections of the berths 101 and 103. In 1994, the extension of the pier was expanded with the construction of berths 104 and 105. In 1999, were carried out the works of the berth 106. With 420m long, this berth allows berthing of vessels up to 200,000 DWT. From 1973 to 2001, the Port of Itaqui was managed by Companhia Docas do Maranhão (CODOMAR), subordinate to the federal government.

On 1 February 2001, through the Delegation Agreement No. 016/00 signed between the Ministry of Transport and the Government of the State of Maranhao, the Port of Itaqui has to be managed by the Maranhão Port Administration Company - EMAP. The company has since then dedicated to the mission of adapting the management of the port in order to support the growth of the state and neighboring regions that are under their influence.

The EMAP has the project put the Port of Itaqui among the 10 most important in the world. Another recent achievement was the creation in 2011 of a regular shipping container with 10 thousand containers / year ferronickel drive. The berths 101 and 102 had their enlarged and improved structures. Reflecting further efficiency and productivity in port operations.

In 2012, continuing the expansion of port infrastructure actions, EMAP inaugurated the berth 100. Another realized project and use, in a second step, the structure of the berth 100, is the Tegram -Terminal of Maranhão Grains with capacity to operate up to 10 million tons / year when fully operational. Even in 2012, began the construction of the berth 108 dedicated to the movement of petroleum products, which now account for more than half of the 14 million tons / year operated in Itaqui the berth 106.

The Port of Itaqui, along with the private terminals Vale and Alumar, forms the second largest port complex in the country cargo handling. The Itaqui is the main driver of economic and social development of Maranhão, which has major investments planned for the coming years in areas such as oil refining, agribusiness, pulp and pellets, cement, power generation, among others.

With an entrepreneurial and sustainable management, Maranhense Enterprise Port Management - EMAP is focused on human potential and the value of the practices of economic, environmental and social development.

In relation to other Brazilian ports, the Port of Itaqui is the one with the best value for money for the domestic and international markets. Integrated directly to railroads and highways, the Port of Itaqui has unique economic advantages to producers in the Center-North axis, they spend less and earn more, using Itaqui as flow corridor.

Compared to Brazil Southeast ports are saved up to seven-day trip to the largest ports in the world, for example the Itaqui-Rotterdam route, covered in just 10 days. The expansion of the Panama Canal will also put the Port of Itaqui as an excellent point of departure and arrival for Asian markets.


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Source: Official Port of Itaqui homepage.
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