Branch: Vila do Conde/Barcarena

St. Joaquim Furtado, Block 314, Room 311/312, Vila dos Cabanos, 68447-000, Barcarena, Pará, Brasil

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Port of
Vila do Conde/Barcarena

Companhia Docas do Pará (Docks Company of Para State) - CDP opened the port in 1985 in the city of Barcarena-PA, close to Vila de Murucupi, on the right bank of the Pará River. The region is called Ponta Grossa and is located in front of Marajó Bay, formed by the confluence of the Tocantins, Guamá, Moju and Acará rivers. In this municipality, an industrial district is located adjacent to the port, where, among others, there is the Aluminum Complex made up of the units of Alunorte, Albrás, Alubar, as well as the private kaolinite terminals of Imerys Rio Capim Caulim SA and solid bulk, constituted by ADM Ports of Pará and Bunge.

Many factors make the port an efficient link between the region and the rest of the world in view of its privileged geographic position, as well as the large length of mooring front with its 10 berths with depths between 12 m and 23 m, easy sea access, river and road and wide availability of areas for expansion.

The current area of the port is 3.75 million m² consisting of paved and lighted traffic routes. It has three different docking facilities: Multiple Use Terminal 1 - TMU-1 for mooring ships, Liquid Bulk Terminal - TGL for mooring ships and barges and Rodo-fluvial terminal for mooring with barges, a warehouse covered with 7.5 thousand m² and external yard with 13 thousand m², 4 silos with a capacity of 13.5 thousand tons, 2 other warehouses of 7.5 thousand m², 4 storage tanks for liquid bulk and 2 yards for bulk and general cargo with areas of 20 and 25 thousand m². The private terminals are Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo-IPP, Alubar, Yara Brasil Fertilizantes, Convicon. The port has 2,400 m of pier, divided into 10 berths and two mooring points, all for public use.

Its vocation is the operation with bulk minerals, registering with this its biggest movements, still having agricultural bulk, liquids, live cargo, general cargo and containers.

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