Branch: Vila do Conde / Barcarena e Santarém

St. Travessa Joaquim Furtado, Block 314, Room 311/312, Centro Urbano, 68447-000, Barcarena, Pará, Brazil

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Port of
Vila do Conde/Barcarena e Santarém

The government policy that aimed to increase the participation of the Amazon in the nation's economy, initiated in the late 1940s, had its colonization process intensified from the mid-1970s with the transfer of people to the area covered by the BR-163, through the implementation of the National Integration Plan – PIN which provided for the construction of the Transamazônica, Cuiabá-Santarém and Manaus-Porto Velho highways and whose motto was “integrate not to deliver”, whose objective was to safeguard the nation's sovereignty in the region.

It constitutes a strategic port of integration between the road and waterway modes for the loads that flow through the BR-163 and the Tapajós-Teles Pires rivers, thus interconnecting the productive centers of the center west to the Port of Santarém, in the State of Pará.

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