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Port of

The Port of Imbituba is located in an open bay, near the tip of Imbituba,on the southern coast of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Historical Facts

"The Imbituba port was built by the British in 1880 to drain the production of coal extracted in the mines at the head of the Shark River and transported by railroad Donna Thereza Christina. In the early twentieth century, the granting of coal mines and the railroad was transferred to Rio de Janeiro firm Lage & Brothers, who also took over the port.

With the expansion of coal-mining activities in Santa Catarina and the persistence of the lagoon port of the problem, even with all the investment made by the federal government, Lage & Brothers decided to expand the port of Imbituba to cater almost exclusively to their ships, the shipyard in Viana Island in Rio de Janeiro and future steel. On November 3, 1922, was founded the Companhia Docas de Imbituba (CDI), who was born assuming the entire port area (mainly the breakwater under construction) and existing facilities. "

With the discovery of coal deposits in the southern state of Santa Catarina in the late nineteenth century, Imbituba was chosen to place the port flow of this mineral, which would be transported from the mines for a railway then under construction. However, since the mining project did not prosper immediately, the implementation of port facilities started only during the year 1919.

In 1922 it was created the White Clay Coal Mining Company and on 12 November the same year came the Imbituba Port, which would obtain, by Decree No. 7842 of September 13, 1941, the concession for implement improvements and commercially exploit the harbor. In this new phase of the works, the first 100m of berthing pier opened in May 4, 1942.


Berths: 3

Land area: 1.550.000 m²

Aquatic area: 750.000 m²

Source: Official Port of Imbituba homepage.
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