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Representative of the shipowner on land, performs services to support the shipowner needs, whether commercial or operational, in ports whose shipowner has or does not have its own branches and offices.

To be a good shipping agent, it is essential to have a profile: technical, operational and bureaucratic professional, as he works with systems and technologies in constant change and innovation.

In addition, as the shipping agent has technical and operational knowledge, he allows ships to be properly operated, according to the characteristics of products, vessels and port infrastructure. Therefore, it is important to have highly qualified professionals to whom companies deliver their cargo and ships.

Maritime and port authorities also rely on his services, data and information. In carrying out inspections and complying with all immigration, health, customs and port legislation for vessels in all ports in the world.

We guarantee that the choice of a good shipping agent adds value and makes all the difference in the services of exporters, importers, charterers and shipowners. Consequently, he enables your business to be successful.

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