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Amart Services was idealized in 1988, out of the need to offer more quality and reliability in the services provided to the maritime agency market.

We worked on appointment of maritime agents in Brazilian ports. However, in 2009 we decided to start a consultancy service and shipping agency.

Later, in 2014, we put in place a project where seriousness, reliability and quality would be our trademark.

We started to work in the second half of 2014 in São Francisco do Sul and Paranaguá, attending 6 ships. In 2015, we started our activities in Rio Grande and Porto Alegre. Then, in the following years we opened the branches of Santos, Sao Luís, Imbituba and Vila do Conde. Over these 6 years, Amart has only grown and today we serve approximately 160 vessels annually.

During the journey, we also faced unusual situations, such as offering assistance to air rescue to a crew member who had an accident at open sea, 200 miles away from the coast and a case of a stowaway who plagued himself with deep cuts in his body, we provided him with medical and psychological assistance for 4 months until we managed to repatriate him.

It is a fact that starting an enterprise in Brazil is extremely challenging, and in the maritime segment, this can become even harder. But over the years, we are more convinced that this is just the beginning of our dream.

We keep moving forward with God's grace, humility, hard work and dedication from our entire team!

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Agora a Amart Shipping também é certificada pela FENAMAR e FONASBA!  | Amart Shipping |   | Customs Broker | Customs Clearance | Shipping Agency


Now Amart Shipping is also certified by FENAMAR and FONASBA!

As a result of serious and committed work, we had our process for adhering to the Quality Label approved and, ...

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O Porto do Itaqui, localizado no Maranhão, chegou ao final de 2020 com mais de 25 milhões de toneladas de cargas movimentadas.  | Amart Shipping |   | Customs Broker | Customs Clearance | Shipping Agency


Porto do Itaqui, Maranhão, closed 2020 with more than 25 million tons of cargo handled.

Grains reached 12.1 million tons, representing an increase of 8.5% compared to 2019. Fertilizers, on the other hand, registered a 21% increase. These results ...

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Porto de Antonina prevê crescimento de 50% em 2021  | Amart Shipping |   | Customs Broker | Customs Clearance | Shipping Agency


Port of Antonina predicts 50% growth in 2021

Starting 2021 with good news! ⠀ Thanks to investments in the maritime sector and a favorable economic scenario for agrobusiness, the Port ...

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