Operation of fertilizer vessels in São Francisco do Sul

Operação de navios de fertilizantes de São Francisco do Sul | Amart Shipping |   | Customs Broker | Customs Clearance | Shipping Agency
In July, the state of Santa Catarina suffered from a shortage of fertilizers, while vessels carrying tons of fertilizers were waiting for berthing at the commercial quays of the São Francisco do Sul port.

Close to collapse, the low stock directly impacted the agricultural calendar and damage the entire production chain, since fertilizer and seed have a specific and non-transferable date to fall into the soil, and 70 thousand farmers depend on the product for production.

For importers, losses were also high due to the demurrage costs of vessels that were unable to berth for discharging.

Then, on July 22th, in a joint force between PORT OPERATORS, PORT AUTHORITIES OF SAO FRANCISCO DO SUL, and AMART SHIPPING, we managed to berth 3 of our vessels at the same time: STILIANOS K, VENATOR, and GENTLE SEAS.

Our suggested movements advanced the berthing of the first vessel in 7 days, which had been waiting for berthing for 16 days.

In total, the operation represented the receipt of 98,245.82 tons of fertilizers/inputs, cooperating with the delivery of the goods and helping the agricultural sector that urgently needed the fertilizer for the next crop's production.

We have always believed in the Port of Sao Francisco do Sul and will spare no effort to continue contributing to the productivity and evolution of this maritime terminal that is very important for the movement of goods in the country.


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